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Accounting and finance scholars in Africa and Diaspora tend to admire, even if unconsciously, the schools of thought and associated theoretical perspectives that have driven accounting and finance research, and structured debates in the academic community and beyond. Often, little is known about the historical development of such schools of thought and the advent and development of key theoretical perspectives, from and within Africa, which form part of the taken-for-granted underpinnings of frames of reference. Thus, examinations of accounting and finance researches frequently organize, synthesize and evaluate the published findings of various authors within a critical analysis of the assumptions and/or methods evolved outside of the African cultural context and environment. Consequently, accounting and finance histories have tended to ignore the African contributions and focused on foreign perspectives on episodes, such as histories of standard-setting, histories of accounting and auditing techniques and practices, or histories of the profession, firms or prominent individuals. Besides, few historical studies in accounting and finance examine the development of accounting and finance research from Africa.

It is pertinent  that African scholars reflect on the historical evolution of accounting and finance culture in the various kingdoms, empires, dynasties, emirates, and so on, in the African continent, that existed in the pre-colonial Africa, with a view to appreciating the financial reporting system, cost accounting system, monetary and fiscal policies, financial institutions, the internal control system and other financial management issues, and how they affected the accounting and finance culture then. It is important that scholars of accounting and finance in Africa face these challenges and changes using the accounting culture that reflects the best practices originating from Africa. This could go a long way in exposing the weaknesses of the various accounting methods and financial management systems African governments and business organizations use now that are traceable to cultural defects and deficiencies.

There is no doubt, therefore, that the historical origin and development of various aspects of accounting and finance in Africa is imperative. Hence, the proposed Congress could acquaint participants with a good understanding of the beginning of accounting and finance in Africa, its developmental processes in different parts of the continent, its past influences to socio-economic development of societies in Africa, its present leading role in molding the behaviors of all the components of any African economy, and where it is heading to, as it carries the economic, political, social, legal and technological development of African nations along.

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Accounting and Finance Research Association (AFRA) 2013 Conference

3 – 6 November, 2013
Royal Choice Hotel
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