Designing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support National and International Pandemics Like COVID-19


Designing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support National and International Pandemics Like COVID-19

Paul N. Onulaka PhD, FCCA, FCA E-mail:


The focus of this study is the development of a government-driven long-term strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy framework that is based on the legitimacy theory as a motivation for CSR reporting in Nigeria with a view to

supporting national and international pandemics like COVID-19. One of humankind’s greatest challenges this century is to ensure sustainable, just and balanced development. There is a growing view that, even in developed society, self- interest alone, as expressed in most companies’ voluntary CSR initiatives, is an inadequate vehicle to drive business along the path to sustainability (Lucas et al, 2009). While the concept of CSR continues to receive greater attention across different countries, recent studies indicate that the need for CSR is more prominent in the developing countries than in developed countries because development projects and other social infrastructure are lacking in most of these countries, and most of the time they are not provided by the government. The study employed largely primary data for the analysis. The data were sourced through interviews of selected participants. This researcher visited via Skype the selected countries in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa) This research responds to the need for a government – driven CSR implementation policy by providing a public policy perspective for building regulatory measures to support voluntary CSR initiatives by firms and therefore adds to the works of other scholars which call for government involvement in CSR, particularly in developing economies. Specifically, some of the policy implications of this study will assist in setting up an implementation model to facilitate CSR policy making in Nigeria and assist in setting up of transparency benchmark to ease monitoring of firms’ CSR programmes.

Keywords: CSR, Nigeria, Pandemics, Legitimacy theory, Government policy Framework.

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