Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Banks Capitalization:
A Panacea to Corporate Growth

Joseph Ugochukwu Madugba (Ph.D)
Department of Accounting,
College of Business and social Sciences,
Department of Accounting, College of Business and Social Sciences Landmark University Omu­aran Kwara State
Call: +2348063697038 E­mail:,
Ben­Caleb, Egbide (Ph.D)
Department of Accounting and finance, College of Business and Social Sciences, Landmark University,
Omu­Aran, Kwara state, Nigeria
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Michael Chidiebere Ekwe (Ph.D)
Department of Accounting,
College of Management Sciences,
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture UmudikeUmuahia Nigeria.
Okpe, Ikechukwu Innocent
Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management Sciences
Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

The study explored the relationship between corporate governance mechanisms and capitalization of listed banks in Nigeria. The research design is ex­post facto. The fixed effect of panel data regression analysis was adopted in analyzing the data obtained from published audited accounting reports of the banks in Nigeria covering the period 2006­2016. A major finding of the study is that corporate governance mechanisms insignificantly but positively affect bank capitalization. Hence, the researchers recommend that the regulatory authorities should strengthen their guideline for capitalization of banks to ensure that Nigerian banks maintain optimal capitalization because both undercapitalization and overcapitalization have their adverse consequences on the financial health of the banks as evidenced by the result of this study.
Keywords: Capitalization, Board composition, Board size, Board meetings, ownership structure, Audit committee.


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