Corporate Social Responsibilities and Performance of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Abuajah, Chinwendu Hycienth
Department Of Accounting, Faculty Of Business Administration
Abia State University, Uturu Nigeria.
Prof. J. U. Ihendinihu
Dean, Faculty Of Business Administration
Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike Nigeria.
Dr. N. O. Dibia
Dean, Faculty Of Business Administration
Abia State University, Uturu Nigeria.

The traditional goal of a company is to earn profit to pay its shareholders. But nowadays, for long
term sustainability of business organizations, a strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
activity needed to meet stakeholder demands, respect ethical principles and give an appropriate
answer to organizational stakeholders becomes pertinent. The objective of the study is to examine
the effect of corporate social responsibility on performance of listed deposit money banks in
Nigeria. This study is based on ex-post facto research design and also employed panel data set
collected from annual reports of twelve (12) listed deposit money banks over a ten (10) year period
(2010 to 2019) financial year. We employed Quantile Regression Analysis (QRA) technique to
enable us establish the effects of the independent variables on the dependent variables at different
quantiles distributions of the performance variable. The findings reveal that social donations have
a significant positive effect on earnings per share on both the 50 th and 75th quantiles. But
occupational health and safety cost has no significant effect on earnings per share at all levels of
the performance distribution. However, we recommend that firms whose interest is to improve
earnings per share via corporate social responsibility activities, should place emphasis on
sustained higher financial performance prior to engaging on training and development
capabilities of its work force.

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