Evaluation Of Internet Media as Strategies for Checkmating Corruption in Nigeria

Odigbo, Ben E., Ph.D 1 (Corresponding Author)
Department of Marketing, University of Calabar, Nigeria.
Email: ben.odigbo@unical.edu.ng
Okonkwo, Raphael Valentine Obodoechi , Ph.D 2
Department of Marketing, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,
Umudike-Umuahia, Nigeria
Email: rv.okonkwo@mouau.edu.ng
Victor A. Akpam 3
Department of marketing, University of Calabar, Nigeria.
Email: ategsprince@gmail.com

Corruption has been a major factor for under-development of some developing countries, Nigeria
inclusive. The study was a critical evaluation of the internet media as tools for checkmating
corruption in Nigeria. It sought to determine the correlation between the use of internet media by
anti-graft agencies to win the war against corruption in Nigeria; and to evaluate the extent the use
of social media networks by anti-graft agencies could help win the war against corruption and
enhance economic growth in Nigeria. Three major cities in the federation, Lagos from the Western
part, Abuja from the Northern part and Calabar from the Southern part were selected for the study.
The justification for the choice is because the three states had anchored the administrative
headquarters (Capital) of Nigeria at different times before and after independence, and thus
harbour people from all ethnic divides in the country as residents. Opinion survey design was
used. Data sourced were statistically analyzed. Results indicate that the use of internet media by
anti-graft agencies did not have significant effect on winning the war against corruption in
Nigeria. Also, that social media networks did not significantly affect the winning of the war against
corruption in Nigeria and consequently its level of economic development. It is was then
recommended that internet media tools should be effectively harnessed as resources for
checkmating corruption in Nigeria, for enhanced economic development.
Keywords: Anti-Graft War, Internet Media, Social Media Networks, Economic Development.

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